More on that DM issue - New developments - ASB Impeachment?

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More on that DM issue - New developments - ASB Impeachment?

Post by mpzreb17 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:07 am ... 8735638565

"3,000 rebels who want to impeach Dan Blazo". It's small right now, but quickly growing. Considering its limited to the Ole Miss network, if 3,000 students join it's a valid petition and an ASB Senator will be presenting it before the senate.

Dan Blazo is the "senator of the year' who keeps crying foul about Palestine, wants to run the ROTC off campus, etc etc etc. Here are the charges we can bring on him with more student support: ... 789507.doc

Title VIII Section 103. General Code of Ethics.

A) Conflict of Interest. No Associated Student Body agent shall participate in any Associated Student Body activity, which would place that person in a position where there may be a conflict between a private interest and an interest of the Associated Student Body.

F) No member of the Judicial Council shall allow personal interest to influence a vote. Any members who have a conflict of interest or personal affiliation to a matter to be considered shall recuse themselves from the entire process.

Section 104. Responsibilities of Associated Student Body Agents.

A) Associated Student Body agents will think in term of “students first,” always determining things in light of how they affect the student in his or her education and training.

B) Associated Student Body agents will endeavor to appraise objectively both the present and future educational needs of the community.

C) Associated Student Body agents will not seek to further their own political or personal goals at the expense of the organization and/or its members.

F) Associated Student Body members will subject themselves to a review of their practices if it is believed they have not acted in an ethical manner as defined by this Code.
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