SEC salaries breaks the conference down nicely!

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SEC salaries breaks the conference down nicely!

Post by rebeloke » Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:55 pm

$3 million plus

3. Urban Meyer, Florida SEC $4,000,000
4. Nick Saban, Alabama SEC $3,900,000
6. Les Miles, LSU SEC $3,800,000

$2 million plus

10. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas SEC $2,900,000
11. Mark Richt, Georgia SEC $2,900,000
T12. Houston Nutt, Ole Miss SEC $2,500,000
T21. Lane Kiffin, Tennessee SEC $2,000,000
T21. Gene Chizik, Auburn SEC $2,000,000

Everyone Else

T28. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina SEC $1,800,000
T45. Rich Brooks, Kentucky SEC $1,250,000
T49. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State SEC $1,200,000
T55. Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt SEC $1,100,000


$3mil +
Florida belongs at the top, Bama could just as easily be at the top, LSU has no business being at the top but they are convinced they do and have demonstrated the willingness to do what is necessary to compete

$2mil +
Arkansas way over paid for their coach, UGA belongs in the group competing for the top and could easily move up if they needed to do so, Ole Miss is paying their coach the same as Michigan, Ole Miss is paying their coach more than Tennessee and Auburn

$1mil +
South Carolina clearly belongs in the group closer to the top based on their attendance and fan base, and the bottom three in pay are the bottom three in performance

It seems that the schools pay about where they belong in terms of their performance

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