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Re: Arkansas Game

Post by rebeljim » Sun Nov 08, 2015 6:05 pm

If Freeze doesn't make some changes at year's end, he will be on the hot seat. Wommack is a joke. Batoon has no business being here. Luke need's to be gone yesterday. We aren't recruiting LB's, and are paying dearly for it. No excuse for this crap we're watching. The talent isn't being coached, and no adjustments are being made at halftime. Heck, since vandy figured us out, we haven't made any adjustments. Even national announcers are making fun if the idiot decisions our HC is making. This isn't Lambuth, it's the SEC, and going for it right before the end of regulation is about the dumbest football decision EVER made. The 2 games Freeze has made the bone head decision to go for it 9n 4th fiwn. The other was the tiger high ge. The same tiger high team that had Navy run for over 300 yards over them. Us??? We ran for 40 yards against them. Think we beat the corn dogs and lose to state to finish. Wonder what bowl we go to at 8-4? And yall thought our oline is bad this year. Wait til next year. I'll be surprised if Freeze makes any changes, unless Wommack retires. But I sure hope he does.
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Re: Arkansas Game

Post by WildRebel » Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:53 pm

Well, this one truly did hurt more than the other 2. I guess because the hopes and wishes are officially done barring a miracle. No need to post my gripes and changes to be made, they've already been covered here.

But, people need to pump the breaks. Freeze has done a hell of a job here and deserves some credit. When was the last time we even thought we had a shot at a sec title much less a championship? If some of you think firing freeze is the answer, you are out of your mind. Watch how fast this 7-3 record turns into 3-7 for who knows how long. I have faith he will continue to improve and make changes to get us there. The guy is not here for a check. My goodness, tell me 4 years ago we would be looking at a sec title in week 10 and I'd call you a liar. Get real people.

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