Board Etiquette - PLEASE READ

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Board Etiquette - PLEASE READ

Post by BeeeDeee » Mon Aug 21, 2006 3:26 pm

Board Etiquette is meant to be a fun place for folks with a love of all things Rebel Red & Blue to share news, ideas and participate in friendly and respectful discussion. We do not have a lot of strict rules and our Admins and Moderators are all pretty laid back. We do have some simple suggestions that we ask that you follow in order to help maintain the continuity of the discussions and keep things as enjoyable as possible for everyone:

1. Please read before you post. If you have breaking news that you’d like to share, please take a second to read the forums and be sure that someone hasn’t already posted the info.

2. Please try to post non Ole Miss related info in the General Chat forum.

3. If you have information to share that’s OK to be released to the general public, please post it on the Open Message Board. Keep in mind that not everyone has access to the Locker Room. If it’s not information that needs to be kept from prying eyes (Dawgs, Swamp Kitties, WarTigerPlainsEagleMen, etc..) then share it with everyone. Doing this will also cut down on the number of duplicate topics that are posted in the Open Message Board and the “Locker Room”.

4. Please be respectful to other posters. Refrain from name calling, questioning the loyalty of another or taunting other posters. This is meant to be a friendly and open community, please help us keep it that way.

5. Please do not post copyrighted material from other sites (newspapers, pay sites, etc..). If you’d like to share an article from another site, please provide a link to it rather than copying/pasting the content of the article. Feel free to write a summary or give a few quotes, but do not copy/paste. This keeps everyone out of trouble with those pesky copyright attorneys.

5a. If you’re like me, you hate to click on a link and get smacked with a registration page that makes you fill out a bunch of information and give your email address before you can read an article. You can get around this by going to and entering the URL (web address) of the site. This will search their database and give you a username and password that you can use to log in without having to register. Pretty handy 

6. Please try to stay on topic. If you’ve got a new subject to discuss that doesn’t relate to the topic in a particular thread, start a new one.

7. Please be careful about what you say about players, recruits or prospects. Keep in mind that these folks read message boards – and more importantly: our competition does too. LSU fans would love nothing more than to catch an Ole Miss fan slipping up and saying something disparaging about a 5* recruit and then running with that information to the recruit and hurting our chances with that recruit.

8. Use common sense. If you think that what you’re about to post might be borderline, don’t post it. Change the wording, change the subject or consult with an Admin or Moderator. Send one of us a Private Message and we’ll let you know whether it’s cool to proceed or not.

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